Long runs and head games

I was doing pretty well with the longer runs.  I did 10 miles and was completely proud of myself.  Then an oh-so-supportive friend said, “oh!  You’re doing 11 miles tomorrow?  How long will that take you?”

“About two hours – maybe two and a half.”

“That’s a really long time.  Why do you do that to yourself?”

And since then I’ve been kind of mentally unprepared for these long runs.  There was a seed of doubt planted.  Why am I doing this to myself?  Can I even do this?

As I’m getting ready to head out for a 12-miler with my new water belt (definitely realized I needed it after my 10-miler), it’s time to start working on the mental aspect of running.  Yes, I can do this.  Why am I doing this?  For me.  For all the times I told myself I wasn’t a runner.  To have two hours where it’s just me and my music – no school, no work, no drama.

Oh, yeah.  And for wine.  Napa to Sonoma half is coming up!  And the faster I run that half marathon, the quicker I get to the wine part of it.  😉


2 thoughts on “Long runs and head games

    1. teege29 Post author

      True story! I told this to my cycle class tonight. Next Monday’s class is going to be an endurance ride – good work out for the legs, heart, *and* the head!


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