Running in the Rain

As a little girl, we used to go walk in the rain around Grandma’s circular driveway.  She had these awesome clear umbrellas that actually covered your shoulders and kept your head and arms dry.  They always looked like we were in little bubble.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve never really thought about running in the rain.  I’ve considered myself to be more of a fair-weather runner.  Too cold?  I’ll pass.  Potential for rain?  Skip it.  Now, I would try to get to the gym to log some treadmill miles, but those aren’t the same as the pavement outdoors miles.

A couple months ago, a friend and I were planning on running a course that we knew we’d be doing in June (North Hills 10k), but it was supposed to be rainy that day.  I think I surprised both her and myself when I said, “Sure!  I’m still up for it!”  And you know what?  It was lovely.  Cool weather, enough rain to keep you cooled off, and my trusty visor to keep the rain out of my eyes.  There has been only one other time when I got caught in the rain since then.  (I’m a loyal and avid Weather Channel fan – ask my sister.)  Today, even after repeated checking of future radar both on my phone and the actual site, I thought, you know what?  I need to run these 12 miles today.  Just go do it.  Plus, it helped that said it wasn’t supposed to rain until ~ 2:45.

Yes, it was a tad on the humid side, but it was cloudy, so the weather had that going for it when I left the house just before 11.  (I know, living in the South I should really make an effort to get out and run before the heat of the day, but that’s for another post.) It sprinkled a little bit on the first leg, but nothing big.  Just enough to know that it was actual moisture and not a bird spitting at me.  I got to the halfway point, filled up my water bottles, and turned around.  It was then that the skies opened up.  So many people tried to take cover under overpasses and under trees.  Not me.  I kept running.  I was already wet from the sweat of the 7 miles out, and the raindrops felt wonderful.  It made me feel like being a kid again, walking around Grandma’s driveway under the bubble umbrellas with my sister and my cousins.  But this time, I felt free enough to step out from the bubble.


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