Procrastination Miles

I know I was worked up last night about Dad.  He’s doing okay today, grumpy that he’s still in the hospital, and grumpier still that they have to stay around Jacksonville until the end of next week.  Because of the subdural hematomas and low magnesium levels, he’s at a higher risk for stroke, so they’d like to keep him around for observation.

But, you would’ve thought by last night’s post that I would jump out of bed and get right to it, right?  Ha.  See my Newton post.

It was close to 1:30 pm before getting out to run.  Between stuff I had to do this morning and being lazy, it just didn’t happen.  But, I knew I had to.  I told myself it was “training in the heat”.  Dude – it was H-O-T, hot!  I think the “feels like” temperature was 91F when I left the house!  I did take my hydration belt with me complete with one Gatorade and one water.    

I gave myself permission to walk when I felt overheated.  My heart rate monitor wasn’t cooperating today, so I had to go off of my perceived exertion.  Even with a few short walk segments in there, I still managed to pull off an 11 min/mile, including warm up and cool down.  There were two miles in there that were around 9:30.  

Not bad for a hot day’s work.  Too bad it started raining just as I got home.  


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