Runner’s Guilt

Perhaps that not the right title.  It’s a combination of things – guilt that I took the time to go for a run when I have a bajillion other things to do and relief that I did because the bajillion things are stressing me out.  Stressed because now I have less time in which to do the other bajillion things.

That all said, I’m ultimately glad I made the time to go for my run.  It made me focus on being present and realize that if I break my bajillion things down to one thing at a time, I’ll make it through.  Sometimes all you need is a good run.

Well, that, a glass of wine, and a best friend to remind you of all of this.  🙂

p.s. – I’m not sure this qualifies as a real post since it’s so short.  I’ll try to get my two more in this week.  And no, those aren’t the things that are stressing me out.



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