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First Half!!

We did it!  13.1 miles starting in Napa, up a giant hill, over many rolling hills, and right next to beautiful vineyards in 2:11:36.  The fog over the area hung with us for most of the run, which definitely worked in our favor!  I’m so thankful my sister ran it with me.  There were a couple times where I thought, “man, this would just be easier to walk.”  She pushed me through, though!  

Full disclosure: I did have to stop to grab drinks of water.  I have problems drinking and running in that I can’t.  More often the water ends up all over me rather than in my mouth.  Also, we did stop and toast at mile marker 10 where they were giving out wine . It was a Wine Run, afterall!

Here’s the unofficial “official” post-race picture of my sister and me after our half!  We had our own wonderful paparazzi to photograph the race.  Image

Here’s a shots of our road crew/cheerleaders, Andy (paparazzi/brother in law) and Bethany (road crew chief and top cheerleader) waiting for us at the finish line.  They were awesome, schlepping our post-race stuff from the car and back, and letting us make up for a couple weeks of pre-race hydration.  Image🙂

We were both sore the next day, and we were cursing the fact that my sister’s house had stairs.  We did do a post-race walk out, which definitely helped!  

So, when’s the next one??  🙂