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Totally missed that goal…

Not that long ago I set a goal of writing on here at least 2-3 times a week.  Yeah.  I never achieved I have not yet achieved that goal.  The last two weeks have been absolutely crazy.  Sick dog (surgery’s scheduled for this Wednesday), injured boy (who think he’ll need surgery), final for the summer class I was taking, a presentation to prepare for a work conference, and the work conference itself.  Oh, yeah, then I got the text from Mom that they had admitted dad to the hospital, and they were going to perform a craniotomy the next day.  Like I said, crazy.

I know, I know, my life is usually crazy, but this seemed over the top.  Last week I tried to keep to my running schedule, and even did a pretty good job (see Runner’s Guilt).  This week?  Not so much.  First of all, it was HOT in Ft Lauderdale for the conference.  And the conference runs from 8 am to 5:30 pm, after which you need to meet people you’ve seen throughout the day for drinks to discuss business matters further.  Then it’s 7:30, which means it’s dinner time, and you don’t get back until 11 (at the earliest!), and then it’s definitely bed time.  

I did get up to run Tuesday morning.  The conference had a 2K Wounded Warrior Walk/Run.  I did the 2K and then did another 2.5 miles on top of that.  That’s the only run I’ve done this week!  Much like this blog…

One thing I’ve realized (or re-realized – is that a word?) during all of this, though, is that just because you didn’t get the goal the first time (number of blog posts, x miles in a week, etc) doesn’t mean you should give up.  

I haven’t yet achieved my goal of writing here 2-3 times a week.  But I will.  


Post-race Slump

I’ve often heard people say they don’t want to set a goal of running a race because they feel like they’ll stop (or they did stop) after meeting the goal.  After having completed the Napa to Sonoma Half, I can definitely see how it’s better to make the fitness level a goal rather than a specific race.  I haven’t given up the running.  In fact, I’ve only missed two runs since I’ve gotten back (you know, in that really long time of less than two weeks), but I feel that one of them is justified since I donated blood that day.  

I feel like running is definitely part of my workout routine now.  I feel like a junkie looking for her next race fix.  However, I am having a hard time with the longer runs.  I feel like 5-6 miles is good.  Beyond that?  Meh.  I’m going to try to stick to a schedule of doing either 8 or 10 miles on a weekend as my long run, and I hope that keeps me in half-marathon shape for when the next one comes up.  

What I have been slacking on is this.  My goal from here out is to try to get 2-3 posts each week.  I hope to have more discussions on training methods and tools, more articles, and, of course, more running without air.